Grateful Companion Pet Care

Dog Walking

Our private dog walks will give your pet the one-on-one personal attention they need. Our sitter come to your home and take them for a walk along their favorite area.

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Sleep Overs

We offer private boarding in our pet sitter's home. Not a kennel, not a cage, no unknown bullies. Instead your pet will receive tons of TLC in a safe, comfortable home setting.

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In-home Sitting

Our sitters will visit your kitty (or hamster, fish, birds or lizard) and provide tons of TLC at any time of the day you prefer.

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Doggie Daycare

We will take your pet with us and he/she will keep us company during the day.  Daily Report Card – a detailed log of information on the visit, sent via text message, email.

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Grateful Companion Pet Care is Insured and Bonded by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

Grateful Companion Pet Care LLC is a locally owned and operated company that offers a wide range of personalized pet care services. We see pets as members of the family and want to provide pet services to others that feel the same way. Our mission is to provide a caring and soothing environment for your beloved pet and peace of mind for you. This is exactly why we created Grateful Companion Pet Care.

We offer a variety of services including pet sitting, pet boarding, dog walking, pet taxi, etc. We can also customize services to meet your needs as a pet owner. You can bring your pet to us , or we can visit your place of residence.

We know that when you are away, you want your pet offered the same love, attention and routine that he or she receives at home. As a result, we take special care to ensure your pets are safe, secure and happy, no matter where they are staying.

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Pet sitters do much more than provide a pet with food and water while their guardian is away from home. A good sitter spends quality time with a client's pet, provides exercise, knows how to identify if the pet needs veterinary attention. At Grateful Companion Pet Care, sitters will also take in mail, and water plants.

At Grateful Companion Pet Care we embrace:






At Grateful Companion we strive for the best quality of work and exceptional care to build a trustworthy network between our clients and staff.

  • We are fully insured and bonded.
  • We ensure minimal stress on your pets by keeping their routine intact.
  • You do not have to impose on friends, neighbors, or family to care for you pet.
  • With in-home visits, you retain your pet-based crime deterrent, and ensure that your home is also cared for.



Grateful Companion Pet Care supports the Sato Project, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused animals from Puerto Rico. Grateful Companion Pet Care donates a percentage of our proceeds to this group. 


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